Zvonko Bogdan – Pinot Blanc 2019

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Pinot Blanc Zvonko Bogdan:

Harvest:  2017

Varietal Composition:  Pinot Blanc

Vineyard location: Palic

Clone: cl GM 1-3

Age of vineyard (year of planting):  2008

Area of vineyard for production this label (ha): 4.5 ha

Yield grape per ha: 7500kg /ha

Annual production bottle this label: 19 000 bottles

Harvest date:  23 September

Aging: Wooden vessels 300 Lit 40 % , Wooden vessels 2500 lit 60%

New / Used oak: 0 % / 100 %

Oak species: French oak

Description of production;

Grapes are harvested in 10 kg box, the harvest is done manually.

Grapes are harvested at the moment of full ripeness.

Pressing is done without crushing the grapes, whole grapes are pressed (as in the champagne region), in order to avoid phenol extraction and get as pure and soft juice as possible. The juice goes to natural sedimentation in stainless steel tank

After sedimentation, the pure juice is transferred to wooden vessels 300 L and 2500 l for fermentation. After fermentation, the wine remains on the total yeast sediment for 10 months without racking (battonage method) to improve complexity, fullness, balance. After 10 months aging we do blending, the wine is bottled and remains in the bottle for at least 6 months before being placed on the market.


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