Aleksandrovic - Trijumf Selection 2016

Produktnummer: PA_005
Pris: DKK 146.00
Porto: DKK 0.00

Fuld beskrivelse:


Sauvignon Blanc 85%,
Pinot Blanc and Riesling 15%.

  • Wine region
    Oplenac vineyards
  • Vineyard
    Sauvignon Blanc 13 ha
  • Altitude
    250m - 350m
  • Vineyard position
    Southern slopes
  • Soil composition
    Brown forest soil and vertisol
  • Size of bottle
    0,750 l
  • Winemaker’s Note

    Wine has a strong and creamy structure and subtle fruity and mineral character. The bouquet is opulent, full of refreshing citrusy notes with delicate hints of elderberry tree, dry grass, herbs and quartz. Rich, harmonious and very savory taste with vibrant notes of apples and mandarins stays in a memory for a long time.

  • Pairing with Food

    The wine is a perfect match with seafood, saltwater and freshwater fish, poultry (chicken and duck with lemon, roasted turkey), venison, veal, pork and lamb meat.

  • Cheeses:

    goat cheese, parmesan, Gouda, Edam and Provolone.As a desert: tropical fruit salad, cheese cake, chocolate with orange.

  • Serving

    10 - 12ºC

  • Glasses

    For full bodied, rounded and mature white wines (larger, elongated body and wider opening of the glass in order to have better perception of complex aromas).

Porto: Danmark: DKK 135.00
Udland: DKK 1111.00
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Winetasting at Lundbeck Pharma together with Vinarija Aleksandrovic

A wonderfull evening with more than 90 participants and they could gain benefit of the Winemaker Aleksandrovic was in town.

Fantastic Winemaker dinner Vinograd.dk, Vinarija Aleksandrovic and Kokkeriet

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New wines from Serbia has reached Vinograd in Copenhagen.

New wines from Serbia has reached Vinograd in Copenhagen.

"Serbiske Bobler der fejer Champagne af banen"
"Serbiske Bobler der fejer Champagne af banen" Det er ordlyden i Aprils udgave af Mad & Bolig, hvor Vinkyper Malene Smidt Hertz har smagt Vinograds blanc de blancs fra Aleksandrovic.
Madmagasiet i Serbien

Madmagasinets redaktionen har spist sig på tværs af hovedstaden, besøgt en vingård, gæstet en serbisk familie og forsøger at guide dig gennem 24 timer i det kontrastfyldte Beograd.

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